Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Jean K Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

I was filled with the Holy Ghost around 16 year ago. We worshiped in Spirit filled services for quite a while. I was eventually told if I continued the way I was I would be taken to another room. The services seemed to go back to almost the way they were before the revival ever started. I cried for 3 years every time I went to church. One time, after listing to Rodney Howard Brown on tv, I called in and the lady pray for me and prayed in tongues. The Lord has revived me inside. I have been listening to Bro. Rodney. He speaks of stiring up the gift inside of you. I was called out to a house in a house in a community close by because they were expierencing demonic activity in the house. I went with my daughter and a friend of hers. I first talked to the lady and lead her to the Lord and 3 of her daughters gave their hearts to the Lord before we left. We prayed over her home and and cast out the demonds and anointed it. The Lady was able to sleep peacefully all night. God has stired up a hunger inside of me to go out to the streets and I have gone on your website and downloaded your material. I am 62 years old and I already have someone that is going to go with me and another lady that is interested. I am sure this will grow into a bigger number. I am excited and I want to be part of God’s Army. I don’t want to be left out and I might be 62 but he is using me. I am going to press in and if they want to put me in another room that is fine. I am not ashamed. Thank you for these tv meetings. I am being spiritually fed. We need this. Praise God! I record your meetings and I pull them back out and listen to them again and am incouraged and blessed all over again. You are touching many people and feeding the ones that have already been filled. Thank you for everything and God Bless you and your family. Jean Kahler

Jean K
Pasadena Maryland United States