Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Merry T Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

Sunday night, Pastor Rodney, said ” stand up and TAKE your deliverance “. i have heard people say “claim it, reach out and get it”, and i understand what they are saying, but it was like a light bulb went off in me , when i heard the words “TAKE IT” it was like, the SPIRITUAL BULL DOG IN ME, SUNK IT’S TEETH IN, IT’S MINE PERIOD… THERES NO IF, AND, OR BUT’S ABOUT IT………SATAN, MIGHT AS WELL, PACK UP HIS IMP’S FROM HELL AND THINK ABOUT HIS FUTURE ! …..I HAVE HEARD PEOPLE FOR YEARS SAY ” I TELL SATAN, YOUR PICKING ON THE WRONG PERSON”……. I DON’T LIKE THAT EXPRESSION……THIS IS WHAT I TELL HIM, I POINT MY BLOOD BOUGHT FINGER AT HIM, AND I SAY ” YOU GOT IT RIGHT !! YOU GOT IT EXACTLY RIGHT !! YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE RIGHT ONE, BECAUSE WITH GOD WITH ME, I AM UP FOR WHAT EVER YOU GOT” (why lie, and tell him he’s picking on the wrong person, NO HE AIN’T, HE CAN’T EVEN TOUCH YOU, WITHOUT GETTING GOD’S PERMISSION FIRST !)…. if satan was to throw everything he has at a christian, if that christian’s desire is to live for God, then everything satan has, IT’S STILL NOT ENOUGH TO SEPARATE YOU FROM GOD!!, in Christ, merry

Merry T
Bradenton Florida United States

Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Gayle C Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

I logged in to watch the Camp Meeting tonight. Our pastors are there from Branson, Mo. (Aaron and Shelia Artt) Towards the end when the pastor’s wives had been called forward to be ministered to by Adonica, Pastor Rodney began to call out Words of Knowledge of healings. When he spoke the words about lung ailments it hit me and I took a deep breath and my LUNGS WERE CLEAR! I took Vioxx for a knee injury in 2002 and it damaged my lungs and the last week I’ve had a terrible flare-up. PTL it’s GONE!!!!

Gayle C
Mount Vernon Missouri United States