New Zealand

New Zealand

Hi, I am a pastor in New Zealand and we have an outreach ministry and God gave us a vision to reach NZ through a tent ministry doing evangelism around NZ at the beinging of 2006 we even had order the tent but with no money, i was saying to god but, this is the worst time. Hearing your testominy helped me want to take revenge on the devil. I myself when God gave us the vision to do this was at my lowest point which was when we went to the auckland meetings. I wanted to be happy but i felt like i had nothing left. We were the second people to be pulled out on the first day due to my husband telling my daughter not to laugh so loud. She is a real little evangelist. She has been so fired up with evangelism since that day. I laughed and cried. We are doing what God has called us to and seeing many souls and healings through the tent ministry. But, if it had not been for the word we recieved and refreshing in our hearts i dont think i could have come this far. We got some teaching series on Giving god your all. Every time my hearts aching i put this dvd on and God fires me up. Thank you so much for your ministry of truth. You are the only preacher i have found that is honest about the price and the pain, but having determination to take all for Jesus and never giving up, because there is nothing else to do but, take our lands for Jesus, witnessing in the old peoples homes and reaching those on the streets and gangs etc. They are hungry and they are getting saved and set free. God bless kindest regards love from Allison

Allison P
Gisborne (No State) New Zealand

Winter Campmeeting 2008

Winter Campmeeting 2008

The Joy of the Lord is my strenght. Yesterday I asked the Lord, Oh Lord give me joy..and in matter of one second I exploded in laughter and my tears rolled dowm ny face : ) in fullness of joy, and the peace of my Lord overflowed my soul. The Lord’s peace overcome all things. Amen.

Jose S
Miami Florida United States

Winter Campmeeting 2008 | Sandy Joyce Y Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

I tapped into the webcast tonight and got a good dose of the Holy Laughter here on the floor in my own home. haha! I think I laughed for 2 hours straight and was pinned to the floor. Everytime Rodney would say “drink”, I would laugh harder. It was so hard that it scared one of my dogs and she came over to me to check on me..haha! She was shaking, so perhaps she got a dose too . I just lost my mother a few weeks ago. She was 58 and not sick but she passed suddenly in the home (fell asleep and never woke up). I live in Tx. and she lived in NC, so it was rather hard news to take with the distance in miles. I was delivered from homosexuality about 6 months ago and tapped into a good church and have even been blessed with a soon to be husband. I listen to Rodney everyday (at work) cuz I tap into the archives during the day and feed my soul while I work. I plan to attend the conference in March in San Antonio and want to go street witnessing with the group then. From there, I’ll bring back what I learned and go into my own neighborhood (desoto..just outside Dallas). Thank you for the webcast and for caring enough to broadcast winter campmeeting. Please tell Rodney and his wife, Adonica that I love them and am praying for them. I used to live in Port Charlotte and came to his church. My new year’s resolution this year is to get to know the Holy Ghost more. He is our Comforter and our Friend. Once you reach out and touch the Holy Ghost, it’s like touching a “live wire”! Woo Hoo! I’ll see you guys on the webcast in the morning and tomorrow nite. I got so blessed i had to tell someone..haha..the dogs already think I’m crazy! God bless you! Sandy in Texas!

DESOTO Texas United States

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida Extended | Ron H Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #20 North Miami Beach, Florida Extended

I want to thank our lord Jesus Christ for Dr. Brown’s ministry. He has helped to restore a solider of Christ to the front lines. I have been missing in action for many years and now with the help of the Holy Ghost, I will become a Holy Ghost Arsonist. Please pray for me that I will receive the Sprit of God in my life and God will use me the rest of my. Your Brother in Christ

Ron H
LAS VEGAS Nevada United States

Winter Campmeeting 2008 | June B Testimony

Winter Campmeeting 2008

Watching the Podcast the Power of God came through the computer monitor as Pastor Rodney was speaking about the fire. A telephone call came in from New York to my apartment in San Antonio. The woman said she had gotten my number through a minister in Rochester, New York. She told me of her dream and asked what God was saying. Her dream was simple. It was about God Baptising her in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I kept feeling the power of God coming over the internet as I ministered on the phone, the woman was weeping when another call came in saying they had heard that the Conference was on the internet and asked if he could come see it on the big screen through our lap top at our house Monday night. Another time, I was just checking out the website and fell out under the power of God and was filled with the joy of the Lord for over 30 minutes! How refreshing. Thank God for your ministry on the net. Thank God for your wonderful staff who are on the cameras and sound….it is coming through as if we were there. I shared this testimony with my son in DC who is a computer….internet genius and he said I should send you a note and let you know and encourage those on the camera and sound. June Bond

June B
San Antonio Texas United States