Karen Abraham Testimony

rodney howard browne

Sunday, December 13th, I woke up and got dressed with the expectation of a great day of harvest at the River of Tampa Bay. I got to the church at 8:00 am sharp to prepare for worship and for the sound check. I observed several buses parked in front of the church and buses leaving the church. The River Kids building had tables and tents set up for toy distribution. The 2nd entrance had a registration table for our toy outreach where 2 security helpers stood. Handfuls of men and women in orange vests maintained the parking lot area in preparation for the food distribution after service. There were dozens of helpers in place everywhere you looked, ready to serve and in expectation of a harvest and a great victory! You could see in the faces of the helpers that their hearts were eager and excited to share the goodness of God on that day. The congregation was full of the young and the old, the rich and the poor, all backgrounds and races, coming together to seek the Lord and to worship Him and be touched by Him. The worship was amazing as we celebrated the King, the Word of God was brought forth by our pastors, who preached about our Lord Jesus. As I went to help in the nursery, I saw an increased amount of babies of many different backgrounds and economical situations. They were all laughing, playing, crying, or sleeping. One thing remained constant, and that was the love of the helpers, anointed to care for them and show them the love of God that was on the inside of us. In the nursery, I could see a harvest of souls coming to the altar and I later found that 345 souls had given their hearts to the Lord that day. It was such a beautiful thing to see a group of soldiers, on fire for the Lord, who support and believe in the same vision, come together to fulfill such a great purpose. Miracles have truly happened at the River of Tampa Bay. Commitment and faithfulness can get any job done. The food and the toy outreach put smiles on hundreds of faces. His grace, love and goodness are everlasting, never fading. And I know that the seeds sown into those families and children will come back 100-fold on the ministry and into the harvest of more souls, more outreach, and more provision for the people of God.


Karen A

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee | Troy C Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Bro Rodney, Thank you for the invitation to attend the GAT in Chattanoogna TN last week.I got the priveledge of going out with the soulwinning teams to lead lost souls to Jesus Christ. I was more blessed I think than they were. As a minister I have always found it easier to give an altar call and pray with the lost, but the personal one on one evangelism was not my strong suite. I have received a new Holy boldness to witness to the lost. In way of a testimony, on the last day of the GAT our team was in the streets of a rough part of town. A police officer drove up and rolled down his window and ask me “what’s going on here”? I said “sir we are just out here telling the people about the good news of Jesus Christ”. He said “well that’s a good thing to do, but the last time this happened down here someone got shot”. Immediately without thinking I told him, “it’s ok the angels are with us today”. Then I said, “sir did anyone ever tell you that God loves you and has an awesome plan for your life”? He dropped his head and told me, “my dad is a preacher but I have been back-slid for many years”. I led him to the Lord right there in his patrol car. Praise God! I didn’t get to start with the teams until Tuesday but my total personally was 56 souls. The young people from RBI blessed me trememdously this week as did all those out there working. The night services where awesome and I am full. I have a revival meeting in Sulphur Springs TX this week, but God willing I plan to be in Louisville in 2 weeks. Thanks again Bro Rodney and staff. God Bless Pastor Troy

Troy C
Troy Tennessee United States