Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Regina M Testimony

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Ministered to Shuntella that gave her life to Jesus. We asked if she needed any other prayer she said no. I washed my hands and dried them and the Lord spoke to me about a house needing repair. I asked her if her house needed repair and she said yes and she just looked at me and we asked the Lord because she just gave her life to you give her a miracle to get contractor to help her do the repair work at a very low minumum cost in the name of Jesus. We were in the ladies room of McDonalds.

Regina M
Maryland United States


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I’m called to be true to myself, yet life isn’t just about me. We are true to ourselves by being true to our hearts. Heart attitudes are what guard lives and destinies. That spirit man being the center of all the operations in human life guards me. I don’t make any important decisions when I have a bad attitude. I choose to listen to my heart. I choose to forgive knowing the Fathers heart to forgive and have mercy. As a result, I let offenses go, the bait of Satan, offenses not given but taken. I acknowledge that I’m a new creation and have a new nature so I can walk this out by Gods empowering grace. I’m true to my new man putting Christ on and saturating myself in the Word of God. I choose to walk in love. I remind myself that God looks at the heart and men the outside appearance. Knowing God delights in me, I build myself up in my most holy faith praying in the spirit and strengthening myself. Being true to myself I ask God to break everything in my life that hinders love. I will not gossip, complain, or compare myself. I will be faithful to the Spirit of glory residing on the inside refusing envy. I rebuke fear in Jesus name. I choose faithfulness and childlikeness. I remind myself that only a fool despises correction so being childlike I welcome it, submitting to my leaders. I understand God always leads and protects me.

I can’t describe the love of God that is upon me. He is so for me. With decisions in my life I will let peace be my guide. If my heart doesn’t condemn me, then I will grow it. I choose to listen to my heart in every aspect in my life. I don’t trust my head but my heart putting the helmet on. I am truthful to my heart so I cannot be false to any man. I want reality and choose to be real, to be unselfish, and trust God even in the midst of circumstantial waters. I die to my way. I choose to love my future wife even now until God speaks her. I will be faithful. I choose to walk in the love and fear of God. Wherever I am I choose honor even in midst of disagreement. Honor is always due. I will not operate with a wrong heart or things that God didn’t tell me to do. I remind myself that he who builds his house labors in vein. I discipline my body on a daily basis. I won’t lose those things I’ve labored for. Mercy, mercy I choose mercy because My Daddy delights in it. If I’m not growing deeper in the knowledge of God I’m backslidden. I must grow. I’m pressing onto the high call. There’s no other choice. Only I am responsible for the call of God on my life. Because of that truth I press on no matter who is with me. There’s a war on the inside and I will be true to myself, meaning I’ll be faithful to the call of God on my life, I will walk in my new DNA, I put on Christ and make no provision for the flesh. Why will I be true to myself? Because it’s my destiny I have the Hope of realizing the glory on the inside. The grace that empowers is all over me. No matter who’s with me I will be faithful, I will be possessed by God. It’s my destiny. Thanks to Rodney Howard Browne.

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Candice B Testimony

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Intitially I was on my way to work Friday morning and in the wee hours of the morning I woke up in severe pain. Two days ago I cracked my tooth down the middle and planned on going to the dentist for repair later. As I woke at 2am I knew I could not stand the pain anymore so I called out sick from my job and told them about the situation. I got so mad at the devil that I told God he was going to get a soul won to the Lord from this. I planned on joining the team witnessing in the morning and then going to the dentist in the afternoon so as I sat in the room preparing to go out with the team I finally reached a dentist who could see me immediately so I went to the appt. There was a couple in the waiting room and I felt God wanted me to ask them about salvation while I wait. It was uncomfortable for me so I hesitated. Then I saw a magazine heading, “FEARLESS STYLE” I knew what to do. The gentleman gave his heart to the Lord in the waiting room. Praise God. After the examination & Xrays it showed my tooth was intact and I only chipped a tiny piece off no need for any extractions, Praise God. I was supposed to be at that dental office to lead that young man to the Lord.

Candice B
Maryland United States

Lighthouse Temple Eugene, Oregon

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Dear Pastor Rodney, I want to report that I and my church are continuing to experience GREAT blessing and joy as a result of my attendance at Summer Camp-Meeting. Additionally, I have been listening to your Revival series on CD. I listen and weep as the Holy Spirit continues to touch me deeply. Thank You for your ministry and the price you have paid for Revival. I only wish I had involved myself sooner. I probably could have spared myself much grief and pain. God Bless You.I cannot remember the exact year. I attended a Basil Howard-Browne meeting late 90’s. I went to “check it out” I went down front with an honest heart and no needs that I knew of. Mr.Howard-Browne stopped and said to me Lord give this man exactly what he needs. Instantly my knee buckled with electricity then he said Lord give him a double portion. My other knee… samething. I told my wife that night that the only thing I really needed was healing in my knees. I was about 30 at the time and my doctor had told me I had knees of a 60 year old with chronic pain and swelling. That day the Lord “knew” I needed healing in my knees. They are healed and I have NEVER had any pain since! The Lord healed my knees that day! A double portion was needed for both knees. They feel great even today at 43 years old. Thank you

Paul B
Klamath Falls Oregon United States

Great Awakening Tour City #35 Ft. Worth, Tx

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My friend and I drove to Ft. Worth for the final night of the revival, and we also felt led to go to the soul winning classes the next morning! It ended up being a huge breakthrough for both of us. We went to a nursing home to win souls there and then when we were done, we headed back home (to San Antonio) which is about a 4-5 hour drive. On our way home, we made a few stops and won a few souls. When I got home, I just could not stop, I figured… if I can do this for complete strangers, then I should be able to do this with my family. So, I individually called each of my immediate family members and went over the script with them as well, and won their souls!!! Praise God!!!!! Thanks for the encouragement and exhortation to go out there and WIN SOME SOULS!!!

Deeanna C
San Antonio Texas United States