Parabole of the Sower | Daniel Williams Testimony

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I received major revelation out of the class, while listening I said to myself “Pastor Adonica is talking about the parable of the sower”, and suddenly volumes of this revelation started pouring into my heart about God’s word, and the landscape of our heart, which is, to me, the matters of the heart. I probably could write a book of the downloads I received during the lectures. I personally received an impartation listening to the message of Matter of the heart.

In class I learned that my hearts is only plowable, when I yield to the spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is what makes our hearts tender and plowable. The heart is interchanged alot throughout scripture with the word Spirit. We are not to confuse our human spirit with the Holy Spirit. The bible uses heart in comparison to our human spirit. Our human spirit is the real us, because man is a three part being. Man is a spirit, he has a soul, and he lives in a body. In Matthew 13, Jesus explains the four types of conditions of the heart; the wayside, the stony places, and the thorns, and last but not least, good ground. So to me, that means that there is about a 25% return on the seed sown and about 75% percent of people don’t produce any fruit! Not being about to produce fruit reminds me of a neutered dog. People have been neutered by their own hearts, and their own hearts won’t allow them to produce fruit for the kingdom.

In Luke chapter 8, Jesus uses a powerful illustration with different grounds in comparison with the conditions of the human spirit. For example, all land masses with human inhabitants have boundaries on maps, title deeds, plots, atlas etc. When you look at these lines drawn you see that they separate countries, states, counties, and even our houses. Every believer should draw their own boundary in their own heart and steward their own spirit, and nobody else’s. This area is where I believe people get in big trouble. I believe that ourselves and God has the title deed to our heart! We are only responsible for our own heart conditions and we have to make sure we are good farmers that will takes care of the our own heart. I don’t know of any farmer who would just take seed and handle it carelessly just throwing the seed anywhere and everywhere. I would think personally that if a farmer stood on top of a building and threw a big bag of seed over the edge of a busy New York street, that it wouldn’t produce a hill a beans! We are to take the word of God and plant it on good ground so that it will produce the hundredfold return.

The branch is the place where fruit should be visually, and physically located (John 15). When we understand and draw a boundary for the word to take first place in our hearts then we will hook up to the vine which is Jesus and we are the branches; we will produce fruit, good fruit from the heart. We have to draw boundaries, a deep line in from within our spirit, which cries out I love you Lord with all my heart, and with all my mind and with all my soul! We need to separate ourselves from the world, and the cares of life. The only way to have a good fertile heart which is good ground is to fall in love with Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to break up the foul ground by spending time with him.

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Barbara P Testimony

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Very elderly lady said she was never saved she said and she wanted to and we went through whole script. She told me God sent me to her. There was another lady on the bench next to her I started talking to her but she couldn’t understand. She spoke creole. The lady I just prayed with told me she spoke creole & agreed to translate. She walked this other woman who she didn’t know all the way through the prayer after just getting saved. God is awesome! Husband and wife got saved. Quiet lady seemed nonresponsive, could feel anointing flow into her and received Christ. 9 people prayed sinners prayer. Others who already knew Jesus acted for prayer.

Barbara P
Georgia United States

Great Awakening Tour City #29 Athens, Georgia | Diana T Testimony

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This past Saturday I lead my best friend to Jesus. He has been a budist for 33 years and his father was raised in a budist temple. That Saturday I lead a total of 28 people to Jesus in the streets. 3 drive by salvations, fireman collecting money at light, at bus stop Muslim got saved- family saw transformation. Daughter and mother rededicated.

Diana T
Florida United States