Matters of the Heart | Gunhild T Testimony

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This was my first Sunday in the children’s church. We arrived at the church at and were given information and our assignments for the day. The children were to sit on the floor along marked lines, boys on one side and girls on one side. My job was mainly to be responsible for the girls on two of the front rows.

I felt like things over all went quite smoothly in children’s church this day, taken into consideration the number of children that was present, and the fact that for many of them it was their first time coming. Rodney Howard Brown believes that was both because the qualifications of the regular workers and the presence of the anointing.

It seemed like the kids enjoyed all the games, and also the excitement when four bikes were given away.When it came time for preaching to the kids, the children’s minister painted a very vivid picture of Jesus suffering and death. The children listened well most of the time. It seemed like at the end, though, some of them had reached the end of their attention-span. When the alter call was given, approximately 150 children responded. It was great to know that many of these children had come on the buses and was a harvest from the church’s soul winning efforts. We know there was great rejoicing in heaven.

I noticed especially a little girl of maybe 7 or 8 years of age that probably came on one of the buses. She seemed to be a little easily distracted, and I was thinking she might be from a difficult home-situation. As the gospel was preached, I was not sure whether she listened to what was said or not. But when the alter call was given I was happy to see that she went forward together with all the other children.

It is wonderful to see how the kids respond to the gospel. We as adults have a lot to learn from them. I am reminded of how Jesus told the disciples in Matt.18 that they had to change and become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. It seems to be easier for children to humble themselves and realize that they their need for help and a savior.