Rodney Howard Browne – Fay S. Testimony

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Hello Rodney Howard Browne  & Adonica, My name is Fay Sullivan.  When you and your team came to my area God used me to support you supernaturally in several ways.  It was God’s ideas and miracles through me that you will be hearing about in this text.  God told me to:  1. Go to Southern Flooring Co. and ask them for new carpet to be put in the Hirsch dressing room for you.  The owner gave the carpet and labor to install it free.  God supplies!  2. Prepare meatballs and spaghetti for you and your family.  God supplies!  3.  Mention to Pastor Eric that John Starns is an anointed singer he could get for your meeting.  God supplies!  4.  He told me to go to a major grocery chain and ask the produce manager to sell me fruits and vegetables daily from the salad bar for your street ministers.  The produce manager sold me a grocery basket full for $3 each.

God supplies!  5. Go to the bakery and ask to buy pies, pastries and cakes.  Bakery manager donated baskets full for free, daily.  God supplies!  6.  Because of the hot Louisiana temperatures,  God told me to take cold water and fruit to the streets and people were going door to door.  One store donated a box of fresh peaches. God supplies!  7.  Daily/Nightly deliver the fruit and veggies to the Hirsch sleeping quarters for workers on the street.  One night when I put the food on the table I found out that 75 bible students were coming.  Knowing this, I trusted God to meet their need.  I turned around “knowing” that God was multiplying that little food.  I knew it wasn’t enough for 75 people when I put it on the table, but when God finished touching it, everyone was filled and there was even left over’s in the morning.  God supplies!    David Barr may remember this.  He was there. God’s servant/child.