Rodney Howard Browne – Timothy T. Testimony

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This week I had the privilege of going to the first Armwood High School youth Bible study early in the morning before school started at 7:00 AM. As I was driving to school I began praying and worshipping the Lord and my heart began to break…God reminded me of my days in high school and what it felt like to see so many lost teenagers with blank expressions, eyes filled with tears ready to burst out any second because of home life problems, relationships, abuse, and minds tired of looking for the truth and not finding it; bodies limp because they were tired of not caring and wondering what they are doing with their lives, and stressed out beyond the limit from the pressures and influences of society and the media.  I went back to the memories from 6 years ago and then I arrived at Armwood…

I walked into the halls and saw the seemingly un-endless sea of students coming and going, hanging out here and wandering there. I saw the eyes—lost. And then I made it to the classroom where the Bible study was taking place and I instantly had hope. Fourteen students had gathered 30 minutes before school to talk about Jesus and how to reach their school with His love! The student leader asked “what do you feel when you walk through our halls?” I answered her “I see a lot of lost teenagers looking for the truth and you all have to be the ones to show them it.”Immediately students began crying and sharing the same feelings. They became so excited to reach their school that next week they want me to share with them how to soul win! A school that at first seemed like having only total darkness now has a candle light…though it may be dim, the flame will grow swiftly!