Ministers Conference 2010 – Jerome P. Testimony

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God has helped me to see that the purpose for provision is to win the lost.  It is all about establishing the kingdom of God on this earth not establish a kingdom on Earth for the glory of man.  It is not about me.  It is about Jesus, the pearl of great price.  We must put his will and plan as first place in order to know how to give and what to give.  We have been given power to proclaim the truth and establish God’s kingdom on Earth.  God does not give us the anointing so we can do parlor tricks and sell things to people to get rich.


I repent from being “Castle minded”.  For some this may not be much of a miracle.  For me, it is everything.  I must decrease and Jesus must increase.  Worldly possessions are nothing.  Jesus is everything.  Capitalism can pollute the gospel. Being prosperous for prosperity’s sake is vanity and pride.  We cannot truly be trusted with the treasures from heaven if we allow the treasures of Earth to manipulate our mind and prevent us from giving.


Last night of the meeting we were given an opportunity to sow a seed for what we believed God for.  In the past I would sow a seed I would request something for my family or something for me.  For the first time I was able to get my mind off my castle and sow to the purposes of the kingdom.  Thank God for the word of truth that gives perseverance, faith, and spiritual might. Also according toI cannot buy it nor would I want to.  I thank God for His mercy and ability to carry me through every trial, free me from every law, and provide miracles of provision to do great things for God.