Rodney Howard Browne – Steven H. Testimony

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Impacting lives across America. My view of this historic event in the church is from the pray lines. I had the opportunity to answer a few of the thousands of calls that have come in this week. The  experience is life changing  even when you walk in the room the air is electrified . I’ve never done prayer calls before.  We had a quick training class the to the phones I went. he first call  changed my whole view. This broadcast is touching peoples lives of all ages all across America. It was a woman in another state and she was broken and reaching out. Had no finances her rent was due and her son was on drugs.  So she was watching tv and was changing the channel and came to the Great Awaking Tours.

The power of God came into her home and she had to call to get some one to talk to. I got to lead her through the gospel soul winning script and she accepted Jesus Christ as  her Lord and savior of her life she was weeping and thanking Jesus the peace of God fell on her and she was so thankful for what happened just by tuning in her life was changed.  Many people were saved many people  were baptized in the Holy spirit  people were healed. And this was only the second night and just one phone line all of the phones were ringing off the hook  I know I am blown away by what God is doing in America and around the world and the praise reports that come in of pastors and everyday Christians a fire to take the gospel soul winning script and lead someone to Jesus. –Steven H.

The things of God – Rodney Howard Browne

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

The things that stick out the most are how my youngest daughter the age of 9 is pressing in to a whole other level. She wants to help in any way possible. My prayer is that everyone would catch the same fire that she has and put others first. My heart broke last night when I saw some people that were putting themselves first and not really grabbing a hold to  the vision of reaching the lost. These meetings are beyond anything I’ve ever imagined, we are having such a great movement of God that I don’t know how people wouldn’t want to be a part this. And if my daughter can press in and put others first, we should all be willing and able to do it as well. He can only imagine if everybody would catch hold of this and take it with them every day, everywhere this world would not and could not be the same world as we know it. And for the people that don’t feel the same I don’t apologize and will continue to pray for you so that you can download the script and read it to yourself or possibly answer the altar call and receive Jesus in your heart with a passion for the lost. I love you and pray that you don’t take offence to anything I’ve said, and would encourage you to take yourself out of your comfort zone and press in to the things of God for yourself and not due to the things I’ve said.-Kelly S.