Rodney Howard Browne – Shani G. Testimony

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The past three weeks have led an explosion in The Great Awakening Winter Camp meeting 2011. We are so excited to be on CTN but even more excited about the souls being saved.  It is true, if you are not winning souls to the Lord, that you are being selfish.  It is not about us building our own castle, but building the Kingdom of God.We had a twelve year old pray the fire of God over people on the broadcast and people are being touched through the airwaves.

There is no distance in the realm of the spirit.  Many people are saying that we are over the top about the souls but we don’t care! We know our reward is heaven. There is no doubt that those who seek after righteousness shall be filled. We are being filled to pour out on the highways and byways. We had a night that one could hear a choir of angels singing. It was such a heavenly sound. It just reminded me of how soon Jesus is coming.

There is no time to keep silent. We must go out. There is such a sense of urgency now. We must tell our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family members about the goodness of God. Rodney Howard-Browne said that it is the goodness of God that leads people to repentance. God’s spirit is being poured out today and will continue until everyone hears the Good News.  -Shani G.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jordan H. Testimony

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At one of the Great Awakening Tour meetings I remember this one meeting I was in the call center. It is such a honor to be apart and serve in there. There was over thirty people on the phones and praying for the hurting, broken, the lost. I remember praying for people and leading them to the Lord, and praying for people that needed healing; and to just hear how Jesus was healing them! You can hear them praising the Lord on the phones. He reminds us that  God is so awesome.

You can just feel the presence of God in that place.

Also people were getting filled with the Holy Ghost! That night I was in the call center for almost four hours and felt like one hour. After I got done with the phones I went right into the meeting. Pastor Adonica already preached and I heard she was preaching on the joy. Peaching at the time and I was sitting there, then all of sudden I felt the fire of God.

Then I started laughing, this unspeakable joy! I felt refresh and so hungry for God and hungry for souls like I never felt before. When Jesus touches you everything changes, you just want the whole world to know awesome he is. I’m telling you come be apart this Great Awakening Tour, God already shaken this nation! It’s happening right now! Come and let God set you ablaze for souls and most importantly for him. It’s all about Jesus!When he touches you, you can’t help but tell people about him! So  come and be a part of what God doing in America and see this Great awakening!-Jordan H.

Rodney Howard Browne – Serenity F. Testimony

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There has been several life changing experiences going on in The Great Awakening services. Several people are being hit with the power of God. I spoke with this woman who had just visited for the first time on Sunday. She had seen the broadcast on CTN. She lives in Lakeland and decided to go to Tampa to visit the church. She walked in after service began so people were worshiping. She walked through the door and the presence of God hit her so strongly that she had to stop and hold on to the back of the seat to keep her balance. She had only felt the presence of God like that once before in her life and it wasn’t nearly has strong as it was here.

As she was speaking to me she was trying to hold back her tears. She was talking about how the power that was in this building was strong enough to break the bondage’s of drug addiction and is able to bring healing to all that came. She has been praying for her daughter who just recently move closer and felt that was the was God’s plan to help bring her back to him. She was very excited and planned on bringing her daughter to the service so she could experience the presence of God for herself and has faith that her daughter will be set free. She was in awe how strong the power of God is here. She will be bringing her probably this week. That is just one story of many that has been happening here at The Great Awakening Tours. –Serenity F.