Rodney Howard Browne – Ruth M. Testimony

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Because of the GAT so many people, pastors and preachers are getting onboard.–  After they see that  it is really working-after the training class they are returning back to their home church on fire for God and able to train their own leaders how to soul win.

Because coming here they really see that it is working it is not a joke. Everything that Pastor Rodney Howard Brown spoke about on Television is the truth. So many others awesome evangelists  are getting on board and coming along we as a student body have the opportunities to hear from them more than before getting more exited this last quarter to hear and see awesome men of God.

People continue to call for boldness, the power of God is being demonstrated on the streets , people are getting saved healed , fallen under the power of God , seeing more boldness I’m get calls  throughout the week of people are reporting daily souls and rededication. This is awesome! Praise God! Great Awakening Tours  -Ruth M