Rodney Howard Browne – Heimo T. Testimony

My wife and came here from Finland to spend a second year at RBI. During the first year we didn’t have much. We shared an apartment with two other students and we usually walked to school. That was four years ago. This time God has blessed us more than enough!!!

Before we came from Finland, we agreed to switch cars with two Finnish River members, who went to Finland to minister for 9 months. Then a friend of ours received us to her home until we can find a permanent solution. After one week I got a part-time position at the IT department of RMI, which made it possible for us to live in our own apartment this time! We are so grateful for that!

Then when we talked with some friends of ours, they told us that they are starting a traveling ministry and that they are selling all their furniture! So now we’ve got all the furniture we need also! God is so good 🙂

We are so thankful to God that we can be part of a church that is full of the fire of God and whose focus is souls! There are not many that kind of churches in Finland at the moment. Here we can both receive from God and serve Him, and be part of the Great Awakening! This is really an oasis for us!! We feel that God called us here to get refreshed, get full of the word and the fire of God and then be launched to our destiny…..Heimo T.