Rodney Howard Browne – Terrence Testimony

We must prepare ourselves to take on these realms knowing that resistance and persecution will come, but this is our end time mandate and we cannot back down. Wicked men privately plot the downfall of this nation and the nations of the world but God is giving us a window to rise up and take on these realms and bring in the harvest of souls. Pastor Cory from Turkey exposed the truth about money what it is, how it came about, and what its true value is. After hearing him minister on these things I thought to myself, how can anyone have a love for money? I thank God for the knowledge that He has allowed us to receive concerning money, the banking system, and the plots that are set against the nations of the world. We as the church have the upper hand to maneuver through the traps that are set to bring people into bondage and stand victorious when everything begins to unfold. The world will need somewhere to go and they will see the church as the place to run to in crisis as a safe refuge and to get their needs met.