Testimony by C. Jones

I should be praying for them, asking God how I can be a blessing to them each and every day! I need to say, God how can I meet someone’s need today? And I will challenge myself to do this! God didn’t pour his love on me so I could keep it to myself, he gave it freely, so I will give it freely as well!

Testimony by Rose

God is dealing with me about being a good steward of my time, managing my schedule and making sure that I don’t leave Him out of my daily activities and decisions. But there is always something to do, someone to talk to, a project to complete, family that needs help or an unexpected emergency. By trying to complete things in the flesh and not spending time with God, actually frustrates me. I learned that I need dedicated time with God. He is my source, He is my strength, and He is my wonderful counselor.