Brandon Testimony

I really liked this message. I thought it was very powerful and it helped me to understand the things that keep the seed of the word from being planted into the good ground of our heart.  The first thing I learned was the pastor can be up front preaching and you can hear the word but if you do not understand it, the wicked one will come and steal the seed that was sown leaving you to bare no fruit because there is no seed. The second thing I learned is that we can hear the word and understand it receiving it with joy. But if we are not rooted in the word and continuing to read and grow in the word then when trials, tribulations, and persecution arise we will get offended. That means we will act contrary to the word of God instead of holding strong to it and rejoicing. Third I learned that we can hear the word and receive it with understanding but man has been given free will and if we decide we want money and things of the world more than God and his word then the word will get choked and become unfruitful. Finally the most important thing I learned was that we must hear the word and receive it with understanding not allowing anything of this world to hinder the word but we must hold fast and when life seems like it is getting tough or the world seems more pleasing than God that is when we need to hunker down endure all things and fight the good fight of faith continuing to read the word aloud pressing on to the other side and the seed planted in our heart will bear fruit in us some 30 fold, 60 fold, and 100 fold.

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