Chelsea Testimony

This past Minister’s Conference was awesome. The Lord has really been showing me to lose control. I have always been such an in control person and I always try to control my circumstances the best I can, but the Lord showed me that I have to fully allow Him to be in control of my life and my circumstances. Minister’s Conference was really an eye opener. God also showed me that patience is key and that being in His perfect will is the most important thing and that I want His will over mine at all times. To be fully surrendered is to fully trust in Him and not try to do things myself or make things happen. To trust that His will and plan is the best for me, that each day I just have to wake up, praise Him, ask to be used by Him, deny myself and pick up my cross and follow Him wherever He leads is the best control I could ever have. It’s humbling to know that God is in total control over my life and that I don’t have to worry about anything. He has the best for me so why wouldn’t I just sit back, relax, and let Him pour out His blessing upon me! After all, it’s promised to me! I also felt God’s love through other individuals at Minister’s Conference like I’ve never felt before. The love of God was just so apparent through people that I couldn’t help but be joyful all the time. All I can say is that God is faithful and I love being put through the fire and getting refined so that my walk with the Lord shines to others and that they can see Jesus through me!


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