Diane Testimony

The message from Pastor Rodney has really touched me because he has inspired me to receive the Word, put it into my life, and realize I have always had a call on my life.  My husband and I were not living our lives for the Lord at that time, but we still prayed and sought Him for His anointing and answers to hard questions.  We were also really encouraged by his many sermons to start reaching the lost for the Lord with the Soul Winning Script.  I discovered just how easy it was and how receptive people were to accept the Lord as their personal savior.

We had started attending The River, hearing the Word, and watching the Great Awakening every night.  We had heard about their Bible school so my husband and I started seeking the Lord for His will with regard to attending RBI Bible School.  Then when my husband attended the last night of Camp Meeting, the first week of the New Year, Pastor asked how many people felt they had a call on their lives.  My husband went up and then we were given full RBI scholarships for both of us to attend for all 3 years.  What an answer to prayer!  Wow, we are so blessed to hear the word preached.  It is being planted into our hearts on a daily basis by attending this anointed Bible School.  We are learning on a deeper level just who we really are in Christ Jesus our Lord!!!  We are seeing our lives changed and growing closer to our Father God and Jesus!!!

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