Jessica Testimony

Before coming to the Bible school in August of last year I thought I knew God and thought my relationship with him was good enough. However, after being a part of this ministry for several months now I realized that I really didn’t have a relationship with God at all, but merely a knowledge of who he was and what I needed to do to get to heaven. From spending so much time in God’s word this year I have seen dramatic changes in almost every area of my life, however the most amazing change that I have seen is my life has been my boldness to speak the gospel freely and stand up for it among people who mock it. When I began to study the word on who I was in Christ, I received the revelation and relationship with God that I had always been longing. Since then I have been able to stand up against my family and people in my life that have mocked the gospel with the boldness and authority that I have in Christ Jesus. I knew for a long time that God had a calling on my life but I never had the boldness and authority to I needed in order to fulfill God’s call on my life. However, now that I have the knowledge I need through the study of God’s word I know with assurance that I have the ability and boldness to do anything God has called me to do through Jesus.

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