Living in Accordance with the Holy Spirit

With enticement swirling around us every day, it’s tough to walk in what we consider “holiness.” But that could be as we don’t truly understand holiness. We frequently compare holiness with a religious life, one lacking in sin at every point. But holiness is not a characteristic you earn. Holiness comes when you understand your position in Christ. After you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and ask God to pardon your sins, God’s Holy Spirit starts to dwell in you.

And one thing is for certain: God is holy. So, if God is holy and His Holy Spirit inhabits you, would not that make you holy as well? The instant you gave your life over to the Lord, you became holy. Peter reminds us of our call to live a holy life : “Because it is written, ‘You shall be Holy, for I am holy” ( one Peter 1:16 ) . God would not need us to do something that we could not do. Walking in holiness comes when we are now not OK with sin. As sin becomes more repulsive, we grow more attracted to His methods, His methods that are higher than ours. No longer should we wish to walk in the way of the ungodly, nor should it feel cosy ( Proverbs 1:15 ) . God has rescued us from sin.

And when we remember this and select His way every time enticement crosses our trails, we are going to walk in holiness.

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