Matters of the Heart

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The human heart is a fascinating muscle. Every time I hear about how everything works physically in the body, I get so amazed. But the most fascinating this is still not the physical heart, but the heart in which God can put dreams and visions.Proverbs 4:23 tell us to “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life”. This means that what we have in our hearts affects our whole lives. You can try to be someone else or try to come across as a better person than you really are, but at some point, your heart will reveal the real you. In Matt 16:27 it says that you’ll have to give an account to God (for your life, your attitude, your thoughts, your words, your deeds…). And how you handle these things in your life depends on what you have in your heart.

No one has the perfect heart – we all need to check what we actually have in our hearts and deal with things all the time. If there are things you have in your heart that you know you should deal with, but don’t, it’ll be a hinder for God to talk to you or do what he wants to do in and through you. For it is not about the word that goes out, but the heart that receives it. This means that God can talk to you, but you might not be able to receive it because your heart is filled with other stuff that’s in the way for God.

Psalms 24 tells us that the one that can come in to Gods presence is the one with clean hands and a pure heart. God wants us to surrender everything and let him clean us white as snow. He wants to have access to all of my heart.

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