Sheila Testimony

One of the most important things I’ve learned here at RBI is to be open and willing to learn as well as change whatever is needed in order to grow in life. For indeed my desire is to live a life pleasing to the Lord. How do I accomplish this? I accomplish this by not only hearing the word of God but also studying it and applying it to my life. In Matthew 13 the parable of the four soils is discussed. This parable explains the variances of seeds taking root. The first seed lands on hard ground but satan comes in because it didn’t take root, the rocky ground is received with joy but the root is shallow and it wilts, the thorny ground is when the word is accepted but no crops is produced, and last is the good soil where the word is received and produces. My heart is the good soil and the seed is the word and when I hear the word and do what it says it produces good results. I must root out the hidden things in my heart to keep the soil good. I must not let offences come and distract me. I must not take the devil’s counsel in any situation, but stand on the word of God, take all my needs to him, tell him he is my source of supply and rejoice for having the victory.

Being a part of this ministry means I will be stretched. I may work in some areas of ministry that may make me somewhat uncomfortable, but it’s all for the glory of God for when I leave this place I will be well equipped for the nations.


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