The Lord is Calling to Us

A whistle can get our attention quickly, can’t it? Whistles are used to manipulate uncontrollable behavior, signal the start or finish of an event, or interrupt the action. Blown by a sports referee, a teacher on a playground, or a police officer at a junction, the sound is a signal for us to stop and learn why the whistle was blown. What does God use to get our attention? Occasionally it’s a twitchy spirit. Rodney Howard Browne tells us that it can appear as an obscure dissatisfaction with our life. Other times God uses somebody’s words to help us recognize he is talking to us. Blessing us in a bizarre way is another method God employs. ( Romans twenty-four ) In each case, we are to stop and ask, “Lord, are You making an attempt to say something to me?”

Rodney Howard Browne explains that God often allows our requests to stay unanswered to prompt us to sharpen our target Him. Or He may say no thanks to our request to gain our attention. Disappointments, problems, and disasters are sometimes used by Him for a similar reason.

If we are smart, we will swiftly seek Him out.

In crises, finance reversals, and physical affliction, God waits to determine if we are going to turn to Him and ask, “God, are You talking to me?” Rodney Howard Browne teaches us that God merits our complete attention, but we get engrossed. He waits to talk with us, but we are busy taking a look at our circumstances.

Permit the occurrences of life-both the agreeable and the painful-to prompt you to turn to God and ask, “Lord, are You asking for my attention?”. One more thing.

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