Valentina Testimony

What the Lord has been doing in my life in my department is awesome. To begin with the children’s department where am present at was never in any of my four choices of internship so the day I was assigned to go there was like a big slap to me I cried for two hours, all I wanted to do was go back home, but somewhere inside I knew God called me to be at RBI for three years. So after prayers I said to myself, Lord I trust you and I trust the authority that you have placed over me. I also know they prayed and they heard from you and I trust the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Then the Lord immediately asked me, “Can you remember how many times you have prayed this  prayer I will go where you want me I will do what you want me and I will say what you want me to say?” I said yes lord, then he said why do you find it difficult to accept I am the one sending you to kids church? I said because my passion is winning souls so I want to be in outreach. Then the Lord said to me if you can win the souls of little children then you can win the souls of all men.  I can tell everyone that working with kids is one of the most humble things one can do, it is life changing. Because of all the things I have been through in life I have always been so hard on myself, on my son and people around me but working with these kids, looking into their beautiful faces and listening to their sweet voices gives me life every day. I see so many mistakes I did in bringing up my son and now I have a better relationship with my son than before and even a greater desire to be transformed just like these little children.  I love working in kids’ church.


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